As Told by Amy
As Told by Amy
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My First Painting Project- 7/21/2014

A couple of weeks ago while on a routine trip to Lowe's (word to the wise--make sure that your home, whenever you choose to buy, is not less than 3 miles from any home improvement store because there will always be reasons to "just make a quick Lowe's run," and these quick Lowe's runs will always result in your buying more than you had originally anticipated) Husband and I decided that there's no time like the present to dress up our drab, dirty, white front door. You see, I really don't have a problem with white doors. Oh no, it wasn't the door itself that bothered me. It wasn't even the fact that the door was dirty that bothered me. What bothered me was that everything about the outside of my house is neutral: white doors, white shutters, white trim, tan siding, brown roof. That's it. Nothing but neutrals. Therefore, Husband (in his great wisdom and knowing that I was horribly impatient to paint something having lived in our neutral-infused house for over a year now) told me to pick out a quart of exterior paint for our front door.

I was ecstatic. I love paint swatches. I love picking paint swatches. I love day-dreaming about all the glorious color with which I could potentially fill our home. One time, Husband told me that I needed to throw away some of the many paint swatches I had collected, so, being an obedient wife, I sat down to do just that only to discover that I simply could not rid myself of even the first paint swatch. Well, I know that I don't want to paint the kitchen this shade of yellow this time, I reasoned, but what if I want to change it 15 years from now? I might need this very paint swatch! Therefore, I tidily piled all of my paint swatches back on top of the microwave.

At any rate, I had not trouble picking just the color for our front door. For weeks I had been daydreaming of a nice, gentle grayish-blue for our front door, so I grabbed the color that was my heart's desire and proudly took it to the paint desk to be mixed. We paid for our things, and Husband immediately fell to work taking the door off its hinges and laying it on a table on our front porch so that I could wash, prime, and paint our door.

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