Mom Tip Monday: Batching

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So, I was going to call this post "My Number One Mom Tip" but then I realized that I couldn't say that in all honesty because there are a lot of things that I could call my number one mom tip. And then FLASH! An idea! I'll make a series out of it. I'll share some of my favorite mom tips, and I'll ask for mom tips from other moms and share those, too. So here goes: my first Mom-tip Monday.

I'm just going to be totally transparent here: I have a hard time keeping my house tidy. I hate for my house to be messy; it makes me feel stressed, but I can never seem to catch up! I have two very small daughters, a husband, we're youth pastors, my husband works full time, I'm trying to make a business of this blog, freelance writing, and photography, I'm taking 2 photography courses, I have friends, we have to eat, and the list goes on. I'm sure you can relate (ie: please tell me you can relate). All of it seems to add up, and I can never catch up much less get ahead. It was driving us all crazy!

That's when I started reading The 4-Hour Workweek. I've gleaned a ton of great information from it, as I mentioned last week. One of the things he talks about is "batching" which is basically doing all the like things at one time thereby saving time in the long run. To put this in perspective, this would mean doing one big toy pick-up each day rather than 4 small toy pick-ups.


Here are a few ways I'm batching:

  • the above-mentioned toy pickup thing
  • I order all of our groceries for the week online from one store while making the week's menu and pick them up. I do this on the same day each week.
  • Laundry day- I wash, dry, fold, and put away all the laundry every Tuesday
  • Blog: Monday and Thursday I set up Buffer to schedule 2 posts/day for 3-4 days; Fridays are for Pinterest
  • Phone- I already told you that I now have a phone schedule; this is part of batching.

All of this has saved me so much time! I'm able to accomplish more while, most importantly, spending lots of time with my sweet girls! Less time is wasted. It's a beautiful thing.

Not my kitchen

So, tell me: what do/can you batch? And, do you have any mom tips you'd like me to test and share? Let me know!