I have a running list of blog posts to write and share, and, while any number of them may be more exciting and newsworthy, I am beyond thrilled to write this simple, short, little post today.

As I have shared before, I started this blog to be a creative outlet whenever I had a minute to sit and write as well as the inspiration. When we found out we were expecting Adia, however, the plan changed a bit. Instead of blogging occasionally and focusing on building a post-partum doula business, I decided to pursue the blogging thing. I've worked over the last 8 months to build a readership, and, now that this aspect of blogging is growing rapidly, the time has come to take the next step. I never dreamed that this little corner of the Internet would ever produce anything more than the occasional laugh or bit of inspiration, and, while the number one goal of this space is to continue providing both laughs and inspiration, we've decided to see if it can also provide a bit financially for our family.

You'll notice (if you haven't already) that we've added a couple of Amazon ads to the page, and you'll see Amazon affiliate links popping up in posts every now and then. I promise to never be obnoxious with either of those, but, if you want to help in this area, feel free to click to Amazon from one of those affiliate links or one of the ads when you're making a purchase on Amazon; it won't affect what you pay, but a small percentage of the sale will come to me. I am also hoping to add affiliate links for my favorite essential oils: Young Living and Rocky Mountain Oils; they work much the same way as the Amazon links in that you can make a purchase by clicking on my links, and a small percentage of the sale will come to me.

If you've stuck with me this far, thank you for reading! I'm not sharing any of this to beg or coerce anyone to do anything; I'm merely being open and honest about how this blog runs. I'm also working up to my big announcement....

I'm excited to announce that I'm introducing the first As Told By Amy product for sale!

I've been taking a photography course and putting in all the practice I can on my fancy-pants camera, and I have a select few photos that I'll be selling. You can buy a print from the following link for the time being, but keep your eyes open around here because there will soon be a tab that will take you directly to the store from my site.

I also have a couple of children's books in the works that'll be available later this year, so stay tuned!

Thank you for all you've done to support As Told By Amy thus far. I'm excited to serve you more and better in 2017!