Kitchen Remodel--Phase One

I shared a Home Tour post a few months ago and, as we’ve made a few changes around here, I thought I’d share some pictures now that we’ve completed phase one of our kitchen/dining room remodel. As you will see, we brightened up our paint colors and added a window over the stove. That’s all we’re doing for the time being, but next on our list is to paint the cabinets white, install tile flooring, and upgrade our counter tops. The yellow wasn’t what I thought it would be; I was picturing more of a buttery yellow from the paint card, but it turned out to be more of a sunshiny-goldish-yellow. I was skeptical at first, but now I love it, and I think that by the time we’ve put in a not-white counter (still deciding on what type of counter to have) and a darker floor, especially in the dining room where we want a darker hardwood, it’ll all come together nicely. We still need to re-hang our pictures and put new outlet covers in, but, aside from those small details, phase one is complete. I’d love your thoughts!