Afton at 23 Months; Adia at 4 Months

It's time for another baby update! Prepare for a very photo-heavy post. :)

Afton: 23 Months

  • Sings constantly; a few favorites include Jesus Loves the Little Children, No Longer Slaves, Old MacDonald, and Rain, Rain Go Away, but she knows the words to a couple dozen songs at this point
  • Is still my cuddly babe
  • Super intelligent
  • Busy
  • Climbs all the things; she likes to be as high up as possible, so we're constantly saying things like, "Afton, would you like to climb down, or would you like Mommy to help you down?"
  • Loves jumping on her bed (don't worry; it's just a twin mattress on the floor)
  • Would play outside from sun-up to sun-down
  • Is a remarkably good eater, even putting away her fair share of things like broccoli, asparagus, and brussels sprouts
  • Loves to read
  • Loves going on bike rides with Daddy, helping Mommy cook, dig with her little shovel, pull things around in her wagon, and rock/burp/nurse/sing to her babies.
  • Is perfectly aware of the things Mommy has in her kitchen that are missing from Afton's play kitchen and has been known to remove things from one to the other
  • Is a cherished and treasured daughter

Adia: 4 Months

  • Smiles and laughs all the time; we're constantly asked if she's "always this happy" and the answer is YES!
  • Has been consistently rolling in both directions for a couple months now
  • Found her toes
  • Loves to study her fingers
  • Despises bath time with a fiery passion
  • Is very inquisitive
  • Reaches out to grab things and brings them straight to her mouth
  • Not much of a cuddler; would much rather be looking around
  • Can sit up on her own for a couple minutes at a time
  • Babbles and says "Dadadadada"
  • Tries to scoot around on her belly
  • Is a cherished and treasured daughter

And, just for fun, a couple sister pictures. :)