The Story of Us-- Part 2

Five years ago last week, Husband asked me to marry him. Here's part two of that story.

When we left off at the end of part one, Husband and I had just started dating. We spent the first 6 weeks of our dating life at the City of Hope in Tanzania after which I came home, and he remained in Tanzania for another 6 months. That was a tough six months, but we made it through, surviving on our one call a week and as many emails as his tenuous internet connection would allow. I picked him up from the airport on June 16, 2011, and, let me tell you, that was a good day.

I think we both had an inkling at that point that we would marry, but we didn't actually talk about it until August of that year. I remember being relieved and delighted that we were on the same page, and I was so excited to one day marry the man of my dreams.

We spent Thanksgiving with his family that year, and, little did I know, but he and a couple of his sisters had looked at rings before I arrived. He ended up following his sister's advice and buying a custom wedding/engagement ring set on Etsy and had it in hand by Christmas. Again, I had no idea. All I knew was that friends and my sisters kept saying things like, "I bet he proposes on your birthday/Christmas/New Years!" only to have all of those dates come and go without even a hint of a proposal.

Then, on January 5, 2012 we boarded a plane to Liberia, Costa Rica. Again, there were many predictions of a coming proposal, but three strikes, you're out, right? Plus, we were going on a mission trip. I figured this would be the last place he'd propose since we were going to minister.

As we were going through security, Husband was stopped. Something in his carry-on backpack kept tripping the scanner, so the TSA guy had to pull everything out. I didn't notice, but Husband was apparently freaking out because the guy was millimeters from pulling out the ring when he found a tiny little pocket knife that Husband didn't even know he owned. The day was saved, and I was still oblivious to the fact that he even had a ring!

We went on to Costa Rica and met up with the rest of our team. Since the only person on the ministry team who knew everyone was the leader of our group, we had planned to spend a couple of days at Playa Samara in Costa Rice learning to know one another before crossing the border into Nicaragua for ministry.

We arrived at our destination in time for a late, beach-front supper on the 5th and spent the next day, the 6th, hanging out at the beach and exploring the little town. Due to some passport issues, one of our team members had been required to hang back in Miami for an extra day, so, mid afternoon, a few team members went back to Liberia to pick him up. I didn't think anything of it when Husband decided to hang back.

Playa Samara is on the western coast of Costa Rica, and I was excited to have the opportunity to watch the sunset over the ocean. I had no idea that I was playing perfectly into Husband's plan when I asked him if that was something he'd be interested in, too! So, we set out back to the beach in time to watch the sunset, and it was beautiful. Husband had his arm around my waist as we watched, and I remember noticing that it felt like he was shaking a little. I dismissed the thought, assuming that it was most likely me who was shaking since supper time was rapidly approaching.

But then, just as the sun slipped beneath the horizon, my love took a knee and asked me to be his wife. I was so stunned that I didn't even answer for a second! In fact, I told him to get up! But then I babbled on and on, and it went something like this on repeat for quite a few minutes:

"Really? OF COURSE!! You want to marry me? Are you sure? You really want to marry me? Oh my goodness!"

After a few minutes of basking in our joy and excitement we walked back to meet the rest of the team for supper. Walking back, we noticed several people horseback riding on the beach. We thought that was pretty cool but didn't give it any consideration beyond that until I stepped -- barefooted -- in a pile of something warm, moist, and squishy. When I looked down and saw what I was standing in I freaked out and ran, fully clothed, into the ocean to wash my foot off as best I could. Kyle had no idea what was going on and chased me into the water in deep consternation with great concern for my well-being. Unbeknownst to us, a couple of our team members were watching and laughing at how playful they thought we were. I WAS SO NOT PLAYING!

I eventually managed to wash my foot to my satisfaction, and we shared our good news with the team.

And I have finally reached a place where I can laugh about the horse poo.


Newly :)

Part 3 coming up in just a few short months!

All photos except the last one taken by the talented Daniel Storment during our engagement shoot.