11 Easy Ways to Treat Yourself-- SAHM Edition

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Being a stay at home mom isn't easy. It's awesome, and I wouldn't have it any other way, but it definitely isn't easy. I mean, SAHMs are basically always "on duty." There aren't days off or paid vacation time; even when you're sleeping you're still at "work!" That's why I'm sharing with you today 11 easy ways to treat yourself without even leaving your house, but, before we continue, I want to point out that not ever leaving your house would not be healthy. Please, leave your house sometimes. Go to the park. Have play dates. Wander around Target. Take your kids out for a special treat at Starbucks or for frozen yogurt or whatever floats your boat. Have a spa day with your girlfriends. Go on dates with your husband. Etc. I am not offering these as replacements for getting out but rather as something to help you enjoy being in. So, now that my disclaimer is out of the way, I present to you:

11 Ways To Treat Yourself As A SAHM


Candles or Essential Oils

Or whatever smell-good thing you prefer. The point here, and you'll notice that this is a theme, is to optimize your space. Make it cozy and homey and fresh-smelling. I personally love my essential oils. I've used Young Living for about 2 years now, and they're of great quality. I've never had a problem with them. A few of my favorites by them are this one and this one. However, now isn't a good time for me to be building a multi-level marketing business, so about a year ago I started using Rocky Mountain Oils. I love them. They're so good. This is my current favorite, but I also want to try this and this just to name a very few.

Make a space that’s yours

Again with the optimizing your space thing. Have a cozy corner where you can go for some me-time. I'll get back to the me-time thing, but when it comes to "your space" make it whatever you want it to be. Maybe it's a desk with a pretty calendar, a potted plant, a bright window, and a few pictures or inspiring prints. Maybe it's a closet-turned-craft-nook. Maybe it's a comfy chair, a cozy blanket, a pretty wall hanging, and a shelf of your favorite books. Whatever it is, make it yours, and make it a place that you're excited to go to for a time of refreshing.

Special treat

Every afternoon while the girls nap and I work on my writing/blogging and photography business I make myself something special to enjoy. Sometimes it's an iced coffee sweetened with a touch of maple syrup. Other times it's a latte or a cup of tea or a glass of lemonade. I always make it healthy because I don't want my afternoon treat to be a "splurge" that I regret in the long run. I just make it something that I don't drink at other times of the day to keep it special and to make it something I look forward to enjoying each day. I also like to take my treat up a notch by enjoying it in my favorite glass or mug. This makes it a treat for my eyes and my mouth.

Paint your nails

Maybe it's just me, but having my nails painted, rare though it is, just makes me feel like I've done something huge for myself. It's a gift that keeps giving because it puts a smile on my face every time I see my hands. Which is a lot since I'm a blogger.

Dress cute every day

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm no stranger to yoga pants, but I feel so much better when I've dressed nicely and actually put effort into my outfit. And, when I'm feeling pretty I tend to focus better, have more energy, and accomplish more.

Have a time of day that’s yours

Maybe it's early in the morning before everyone wakes up. Maybe it's late at night when everyone is in bad. Maybe it's nap time. Whenever it is, this is your time to do whatever you want to do, ideally in your space with your special treat, and a candle burning or essential oils diffusing.

Fix your hair/wear makeup

Even if it only takes 10 minutes, doesn't it just feel like a treat to feel dressed up, put together, and beautiful? I currently love hair accessories because they're pretty and make you look like you've put a lot of effort into getting ready when in reality you only had to spend about 3 minutes on your hair. I currently have my eye on the clip you see below and this pack of headbands.


This doesn't have to be a big go-to-the-gym-for-an-hour ordeal, though I am a huge fan of that. Even if it's just 5 minutes of doing squats with your toddler or turning on some pump it up music and dancing like crazy with your kids or going on a nature walk around your yard, just doing some type of activity that allows you to stretch and get your heart rate up a bit will give you an instant mood lift.

Fresh flowers

To me, nothing brightens a home like fresh flowers. They're one of my favorite ways to treat myself, and I've even been known to move the flowers around our house in order to keep them in my view no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

Play music

Music is going almost constantly in our home during the day. Both of my girls really love music; having it going all the time facilitates the spontaneous dance parties we love so much; I find it uplifting and encouraging to be singing truth all day long. I could easily come up with a hundred more reasons to play music throughout your day, but we'll leave it at this: I can't count how many frustrating moments have been diffused in our home because the right song started playing at the right moment. This is our current favorite:

Weekly take-out night

Y'all, I love cooking. I really do. Few things make me happier than meal planning, grocery shopping, and making healthy and delicious meals for my family, and no there's not even a touch of sarcasm in that statement. I genuinely love all those things. But the fact remains that sometimes it's just a challenge to cook a big meal with 2 babies under the age of 2, so I give myself the grace and freedom to text my husband and ask him to pick something up on his way home from work when we've had one of those days. There are plenty of places that now offer healthy meals on the go from Panera to Earth Fare to just picking up a simple rotisserie chicken or a couple meals from the hot bar at your local Harris Teeter or Publix or Martin's or whatever grocery store is nearest you. We've discovered that this doesn't have to break the bank OR our healthy eating habits. :)


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There's nothing easy about being a SAHM, and I'll be the first to admit that self-care is often the first thing that is pushed to the back burner in the midst of diaper changes and meal times and play dates and mountains of laundry and dishes and all the countless other tasks that are required of us. But I've shared with you today 11 easy treats we can gift ourselves any given day. Try them out; let me know how it goes! And please comment and let me know your favorite way to treat yourself!


A note on essential oils: I think there's a right way to use them and a wrong way, and that is a post for another day. Today I'm just sharing my favorites to freshen the air in our home and uplift a weary spirit. :)