10 Ways I'm Rocking Motherhood

I was nominated by Tyane at BoyMom Blessed to participate in the #rockingmotherhood tag. Thanks, Tyane! I'm going to share with you 10 ways I think I'm rocking motherhood as well as a couple other bloggers who are rocking it, too. So check out BoyMom Blessed and the blogs at the bottom, and feel free to let me know in the comments the ways that you're rocking life these days!

1) I try to put my husband first

I firmly believe that my children will do best if my husband and I have a strong, loving, thriving relationship, so I do my darndest to make our marriage a priority. I am NOT saying this to speak negatively of single parents because I really can't think of a harder thing to do as a single person than parent (a) child(ren). But, the fact is, I have been blessed with an amazing husband, and I think that being a wife has to be a priority even over being Mommy. I screw this up a lot because... maternal instinct, but, at the end of the day, I make sure my husband knows that he's a top priority.

2) I talk to my children

We have a pretty steady stream of conversation going throughout the day. My toddler speaks as well as children a full year older than her, so I love the discussions we have together. My 3 month old has no shortage of noises to make, and I delight in imitating her sounds back to her. This always makes her smile and giggle, so I must be doing something right. :)

3) I read with my children

We have a LOT of books in this house, and we've read to our girls from day 1. My toddler has several of her books memorized, and she has very clear favorites that she often requests by name.

4) We play together

Quality time is my primary love language, so spending time with my girls comes naturally. I think that's something that will mean a lot to all of us in the long run.

5) I let them help me

I want my children to be helpers, and I hope to instill a desire (or at least a willingness) to be helpful in them from a young age. Therefore, I let them help me, even when I know that I could do it better/faster on my own.

6) I apologize to my children

I'm not perfect by any means. I mess up as a mom every single day, and, when I do, I apologize for it.

7) I liberally give out kisses, hugs, and snuggles

Does this need an explanation? Have you seen my children? How could anyone not hug and kiss them?!?!

8) We foster close relationships with extended family

Our girls are no stranger to their aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc, and I really love that they're going to be able to look back and have memories with so many people who love them.

9) We pray together

I want my kids to grow up walking with the Lord. I also want them to avoid some of the stupid things I did when I was younger, so we're laying a strong foundation now.

10) I view it all as a memory to be cherished

Every stage of childhood goes by so quickly. I'm just trying to make the most of every minute and not waste any of it.


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