2016-- A Verbal Review

I have said many times how I love change and newness, adventure and excitement. I love New Year's. I love goal-setting and dreaming and looking forward, but I really believe that we can move forward with the most success if we've studied what's behind us and learned from that. So, with that in mind, I thought I'd share a bit about our 2016 before moving on to our 2017 later this week.

2016 was going to be the year I built my postpartum doula business. I thought I had really found my true calling, and I was more than excited to fulfill that by helping mamas and babies. I had it all figured out, too. But on February 6 we found out that I was expecting our second child. We were thrilled, but we also had to acknowledge that working outside the home with two under two was kind of defeating the purpose of staying home. So I put that dream on hold, and, to be honest, I am so glad I did. Not only do we now have two sweet girls, but I also have a growing, creative business that I love so much.

2016 was a year of busyness. We kicked off our summer with a trip to California that left me wondering how we could one day move to San Francisco. We visited family in Virginia many times. We even trekked to Pennsylvania when Adia was a mere 3 weeks old. We went to the beach and the mountains and learned more about our little corner of the earth. We flew; we drove; we rode buses and trains. We learned that long car rides may very well require me to sit in the backseat sandwiched between both girls and that snacks, books, and toys are a must. And stops. Way too many stops. For a girl who grew up in a family that did. not. stop. for. anything on roadtrips, that was a tough pill to swallow.

2016 was a year of learning. Afton learned her colors and her abc's and her 123's and shapes. She learned songs and expanded her vocabulary to that of a 3 year old. I learned that it's always good to have a backup plan and that waiting to the last minute to go to the store will always end in my frantically texting Husband asking him to pick up whatever I was going to the store to buy on his way home from work. I learned that I need alone time (stunner) and girl time and date time and that all three of those things are worth fighting to maintain. I learned that I like having my nails painted and that every mom blog ever that told me that being a SAHM isn't an excuse to wear yoga pants all day every day was right. I re-learned that I love mornings and that nothing beats a quiet hour spent reading or writing in my journal by the light of the Christmas tree (yes, I learned that one late). I learned that making a meal plan and a grocery list based on said meal plan saves lots of $$$ in the long run. I also learned that toddlers are very interested in lists and will grab them from you and add their own artistry without warning. I learned ways to make my husband and daughters feel special and loved and that it's always worth it to make that happen.

2016 was a year of opportunity, and I don't just mean the opportunities I had as a blogger/photographer. A lot of hate was spewed in 2016. A lot of hearts were broken. Too many triggers were pulled. Some would say that this made 2016 the worst year ever, but I say that it made 2016 a year of opportunity to love well and to forgive the hard things and to rise above it all, displaying kindness to an often-unkind world. People lost hope in 2016; we have the opportunity to restore it. 

2016. A thrill of hope. The weary world rejoices. A new and glorious morning breaks. 2017.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19.

What was 2016 to you? What will you take away from this year and put into 2017?