Afton at 22 Months; Adia at 3 Months

You know what they say: time marches on! Another month has come and gone which means it's time to share an update on the babies.

Afton at 22 Months:

  • Loooves to cook in the kitchen set we bought her for Christmas
  • Loooooves to wash dishes
  • Has to know how everything works; she watches us and mimics all we do, and, any time she gets her hands on a new toy, she turns it over and over in her hands to figure out everything about it
  • Says the funniest things!
  • Looks exactly like her momma
  • Is currently mildly obsessed with her baby cousin and her Uncle Kendall and her friend L
  • Turns everything into a phone and usually uses it to call Grandma and Great-Grandma or Auntie Gaga
  • Loves books and has several of hers memorized
  • Loves to sing and put on a show
  • Loves animals and babies
  • Grows more beautiful with each passing day

Adia at 3 Months

  • Tries to sit up
  • Smiles and laughs all the time...
  • ...Except for when she's hungry; this girl goes from zero to HANGRY in about 0.2 seconds!
  • Loves to be naked
  • HATES bathtime with every ounce of her tiny (but surprisingly loud) being
  • Coos and makes the cutest noises
  • Lights up like a firefly when you mimic her sounds back to her and will carry on quite a long "conversation"
  • Has started sucking her thumb, just like sister
  • Looks exactly like her daddy
  • May be our leftie girl; she sucks her right thumb, so we'll see!
  • Grows more beautiful with each passing day