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Worth the Read- A Blog Round-Up

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Worth the Read- A Blog Round-Up

I started this blog (it was originally found at another site the URL to which I honestly don't remember) in 2010 right before embarking on a semester-long study abroad term in Guatemala and Mexico. I started it so family and friends could keep up with my travels, and it has grown and changed in ways I could never have dreamed. One aspect of the blogging world that has surprised me is just what a tightly knit community it really is. I've made friends who are supportive and encouraging through this blog that I wouldn't have been able to meet otherwise. They read my words and provide feedback, and I enjoy reading theirs, too. I don't want to keep all of this blogging goodness to myself, so, when a fellow mom-blogger asked if I wanted to join a blog round-up, I jumped at the opportunity. So park yourself in your favorite, most comfy chair and grab a cup of coffee (or whatever floats your boat), and take a look at some of my favorite reads this week. 

The Art Kit Blog

Dana at the Art Kit Blog has a million awesome ideas for hands-on creative fun for little ones. I love reading through her blog for ideas of fun ways to entertain Sweet A. These ice boats are next on my list to try. They look super easy and don't require any special ingredients or items, and I think A would enjoy the change in scenery when it comes to bath toys. Plus, she loves playing with ice, so win-win!

Mindy Body and Soul After Baby

Ahh, the great children and screen-time debate! I love Lindsey's perspective on this. We tend to limit screen time with A to one episode of Baby Einstein every now and then so I can get a shower and playing games or watching toddler-friendly videos with Daddy before bed. We also make sure to balance her technology interactions with lots of books, helping with chores, playing with toys, and running around outside. I do think she has learned some things from Baby Einstein and her games with Daddy such as animal sounds (she's been able to tell you what a penguin says since she was less than a year old), shapes, and a touch of baby sign language. All that to say, it's not all bad, and everything in moderation. 

Working Mommy Abroad

Tineke's blog is one of my favorites. She's Dutch but lives in Spain, and, as someone who hopes to one day live overseas with Husband and the littles, I find her blog to be a wealth of information and anecdotes. I love it! One thing, however, that is universal in motherhood is that can ensue when that sweet, innocent baby becomes a toddler. I loved this post on what you'd never hear the mom of a toddler say. It is so true! The one about the laundry basket is my favorite. 

Sunshine and Spoons

I laughed all the way through this one (while nodding emphatically in agreement because I have done so many of these myself). Hannah keeps it real while talking motherhood, kids, and parenting children with special needs. She has tons of great ideas and a beautiful sense of humor. You should check it out!

That completes this week's round-up! I'm excited to do this each Saturday, so be sure to check back for more great reads!