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October Photo Challenge

Amy Ledyard2 Comments
October Photo Challenge

I mentioned earlier this week that I would be "hosting" a photo challenge over the course of the month of October, and I am back today to tell you all about it!

My love for photography began when I was just a little girl and my aunt bought me a Polaroid camera for Christmas. I had no idea about lighting or composition or any other element that makes a photo a good one, but I certainly did love snapping pictures with that little camera! I never took any official classes on photography in college, but now I wish that I had! Maybe one of these days I'll do that. :)

Regardless, I'm a Pinterest/Youtube/Self-educated photographer who has been having the best time learning my camera and what makes great photography. I don't have any tips or words of wisdom to offer to anyone interested in photography as I'm very much still in the learning phase myself, BUT that doesn't mean that we can't grow together! So, I hope you'll join me over the course of October in this fun little photo challenge. Whether you've been a professional photographer for 75 years and shoot with a $5000 camera or whether your only camera is your iPhone, let's do this!

Here's how it'll work...

Below you'll see the prompts for each day. You can interpret these however you want, but take a picture that fits the prompt. Then, post your photo to Instagram and hashtag it #ATBAPhotoChallenge. I'll check the hashtag daily and comment on your beautiful work, and each week I'll share a few of my favorites here on the blog (giving you full credit, of course)! I can also remind people of the prompt when I share my own photos each day, so you don't have to keep checking back here. :)

The Challenge:

1) Morning

2) Fall fun

3) Brilliant

4) From where I sit

5) Reflection

6) Goals

7) Shadows

8) Low angle

9) Cozy

10) Harvest

11) Old

12) Light

13) Orchard/Pumpkin Patch

14) Fall treat

15) Fresh

16) Moon

17) Brave

18) Lazy day

19) Leaves

20) In my cup

21) Nature

22) Close up

23) Yum!

24) Home

25) Upside down

26) Fall style

27) Black and white

28) Silhouette

29) Homemade

30) Night sky

31) Sunset


I cannot WAIT to see what you all do with this! Please join in the fun, and let's grow together in this!