Worth the Read- A Blog Round-Up 2

I shared last Saturday a few blog posts that I had recently enjoyed, and I thought I'd share another round. So, grab your coffee and your comfiest spot, and let me know if you enjoy these posts!

Book Must-Have

This post on The Art Kit blog shares about an experiment book for kids that looks awesome! Between A's love of hands-on activities and my plans to home-school, I think this book is one worth adding to the shelf!

Schedule Helper

This post on Mind, Body, and Soul After Baby about scheduling has me thinking that maybe I'll give a schedule another go. My last attempt flopped pretty badly because, as I've mentioned before, I love a to-do list and the structure it brings to my life, but I also require the freedom to do things as I feel like doing them. But, as we bring another baby into the family and as A gets older I can definitely see where having a little more planning involved in each day will be helpful. I'm going to have to try out this worksheet/app!

Life Changes

This post on Working Mommy Abroad made me laugh while nodding emphatically (is that what I said about her post last week, too? Because I feel like that every time I read her blog!). She's talking about things you realize after becoming a mom, and she said it in a way that can only make you smile. Check it out!


This post on Sunshine and Spoons gives some Groupon hints. I had no idea that you could find coupons to so many stores on Groupon! We always check it for date nights and weekend get-aways, but I didn't know it could be so useful in everyday life. I'm going to have to look into this a little more!