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The Difference Between A First and Second Pregnancy

Amy LedyardComment
The Difference Between A First and Second Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a crazy thing. I mean, you have an entire other human growing in your body. That's crazy! Very awesome; very crazy.

As a maternity nurse, one of the things I said the most was, "Every pregnancy is different." And it's true. Sometimes there is just no predicting how these things will go. Nevertheless, I was surprised by some of the differences I've noticed between my pregnancy with Sweet A and this one.

Let me start by saying that I have been blessed with two really great and pretty easy pregnancies. I didn't have debilitating morning sickness with either one or swollen ankles or stretch marks or many of the other discomforts associated with pregnancy. I can still function, and I can honestly say that, so far, I have really enjoyed each pregnancy. But there are still a few differences worth noting.

1) Emotions

All pregnant women are emotional, right? Crazy basket cases ready to burst into tears a moment's notice, right? WRONG! With Sweet A I was somewhat more emotional than normal but never in the crazy realm; if something really hurt my feelings, I would cry but even then I would say that it only happened, at most, once a week. I didn't get sappy over commercials or movies or songs... until after she was born, that is. From then on it was pretty easy to set me off. Sappy video of a father-daughter wedding dance? Tears. Puppy being reunited with his owner? Tears. Thoughts that someone someday might possibly say something unkind to my child? TEARS! That trend has continued into this pregnancy, too. I don't cry often, but it's basically always over something sappy. Here's hoping my emotions level back out once he/she is born? Ha!

2) Fear

I was working high risk maternity while I was pregnant with A, so I saw pregnancy-gone-wrong every time I went to work. I had never seen a low-risk, unmedicated birth before having one myself. To say that every little twinge and prick was enough to have me calling on every praying person I knew would be a bit of an understatement. My theme song was "No Longer Slaves" by the Helsers, and boy did I ever need to have those words sink into my soul every. single. day. Now that I've been out of that world for a year and a half and have personally experienced pregnancy and birth I haven't had to fight fears at every turn. Not to mention, I have a busy, curious, adventurous toddler to keep up with! Who has time to borrow trouble in the name of useless fears with so much going on?!?

3) Awareness

I first felt A moving around in there at 12 or 14 weeks. She was busy from my second trimester all the way through, and I marveled over every single flutter. This time around? I honestly forget that I'm pregnant sometimes. This baby is still very active; I just have a lot of other things going on that prevent me from laying on the couch feeling every single movement and hiccup that happens in there. I still love feeling Baby moving around, but it's not the center of the universe like it was the first time around. Which, naturally, brings us to the....

4) Mom Guilt

Yep. Oh, mom guilt. Like fear, you are a useless and unnecessary thorn in my side. It's something I've been working on, so I'm not overwhelmingly guilt-ridden, but I do have the occasional twinge when I realize that I was so focused on checking things off my to-do list and reading to A and playing with dolls and talking about shapes, colors, and letters that an entire day has gone by without my even noticing how much the baby has kicked. And then I wonder how I'll do parenting two little sweeties....

5) Preparedness

With A I had everything staged up and ready from like 35 weeks on. I'm currently careening into week 37, and I just now started getting stuff together and washing newborn clothes and doing all those little things one must do before welcoming a brand new tiny human into a home. As for our guest room, it is currently being used as a combination Goodwill holding area/bathroom remodel storage zone/re-organize all the things in the closet and under the bed by dragging them into the room and then....leaving them there for a couple weeks while I figure out exactly what the reorganization will look like. In other words, there is no room for a guest in the guest room right now. That should probably be moved to the top of the priority list, huh?

Moms of multiple children, what differences did you notice between your different pregnancies? And, please, what tips can you pass along when it comes to parenting 2 babies?!?

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