Our Week(s) in Photos

I promised regular photo recaps, and last Monday should have been a photo day; alas, we were at the beach last week, and our beach house didn't have wi-fi, so here I am today playing catch up. August has been a great month so far. We've played hard, eaten well, traveled, and enjoyed our own home and city. Here are just a few photos to give you a glimpse of life recently.

I made a delicious spinach and artichoke dip for supper one night; even the toddler loved it!

Once upon a time I bought Sweet A a small, inflatable ball pit. She could not have cared less about that dumb thing, so I returned it the next day and bought instead a $0.97 pack of balloons. She has spent many an hour playing with those balloons. Mom win.

My dad made this kitchen helper stool for A, and she loves it. She helps cook and wash dishes and basically just gets into everything she possibly can.

Wonderful friends of ours invited us out on their boat a couple of weeks ago, so we took A on her first boat ride.

She loved it! Almost as much as she loved that strawberry-apple pouch. :)

There aren't many activities that she loves as much as she loves "washing" dishes.

Summer stir-fry = yummm.

Helping Mommy cook

Evening walks <3

Beach week; we stayed on the Sound, and it was perfect.

Twice each day the beach nearest our house was covered with these pieces of evidence of my tiny sand-piper.

Madam Blueberry

Baby beach hair

There I am in all my 8-months pregnant glory.

My wild-haired shell collector

Beach sunrises suit her.

We bought a new camera, my first DSLR! Little A isn't so sure about it. :)

I did what any normal human who had just returned from vacation only to have her brand new camera delivered to the house an hour later would do: I made French Toast. I stuffed mine with Vanilla Greek Yogurt and peaches and topped it with a drizzle of real maple syrup. Yum! And, given that the Greet Yogurt was sweetened with Stevia, I didn't even feel guilty about eating it. :)

Before church hide-n-seek. The reward for finding her? Kisses. Always kisses. :)

Life is busy and full and beautiful. I promise fewer photos in the next Life Lately recap. Or maybe I don't promise that since, you know, new camera. :)

What's been going on in your life lately? Comment below; I want to know!!