You guys, I have to admit something: I am terrible at establishing and maintaining a routine. I love freedom and spontaneity and adventures, so I usually fall short when it comes to routine. But, I do see the advantage of having at least some structure to the day, and we are still having some bedtime/middle of the night struggles with Sweet A, so, since nothing else has really worked in the sleep department, I'm giving up my love of freedom and trying a routine.

I'm just going to start with alternating between two simple morning routines, leaving the afternoons open to spontaneous adventures, and we'll see how things go. It's not going to be easy for me, especially at first because I'm used to just doing what needs to be done and fitting in random activities and outings with A each day. But I'm also excited to try something new, and, if it makes our nights less interrupted, then I'll call it a definite win.

I'm sharing here my goal morning schedules in hopes of encouraging anyone with similar struggles and perhaps even gaining a little accountability for myself. So feel free to ask how our mornings are going! I'm choosing to start my schedule on the early side of the mornings because I love mornings, and I feel the most productive when I've accomplished a little something before the world becomes busy. This may change, but I'm starting with the following two schedules.

Every Other Day:

0600- wake up, do morning devotion, enjoy coffee on the porch (preferrably with Husband)

0700- wake Sweet A

0730- breakfast

0800- make the bed, wash dishes/start laundry/begin a housekeeping-related chore

0930- morning playtime, read books, work puzzles, go to the park, etc.

1100- naptime


The Other-other Days:

0600- wake up, go to gym to swim laps

0730- return home, wake A, make breakfast

0830-make bed, wash dishes/start lanudry/beging a housekeeping-related chore

1000- morning playtime, read books, work puzzles, go to the park, etc.

1130- naptime


So, that's how we're starting. We'll see how it evolves and if it even ends up being worth continuing! I'm giving it this month, and we'll go from there.

So, tell me: are you a routine person? What do mornings look like in your house?