The Busyness Trap

The Busyness Trap

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Ahh, summer. We look forward to it and the relaxation that supposedly accompanies these long, hot days, but am I the only one who feels like life just took off and is suddenly busier than ever? Some days, Husband comes home and asks what A and I did all day, and I honestly can't even answer his question yet I somehow still feel when we sit down to supper as if I've hardly sat all day! I'm busy; we're busy; life is busy. And, in all of this busyness, it's so easy to just jump from one thing to the next, to fill our days with activity after activity and meeting after meeting and miss all the sweet moments that make up our ordinary life.

I can always tell when A feels that we've been too busy because those are the only nights that she deviates from our normal bedtime routine. Usually, I give her a bath, and we call Husband up when her bath is done. He comes up to her room, says bedtime prayers with her, and then I rock her to sleep. But, when I've allowed life to take over and fallen into the trap of being too busy, my sweet girl won't just snuggle up with me in the rocking chair and drift into dreamland. Instead, she lays back in my arms and just looks at me with those big, blue eyes. And then we talk. She's one, so our "chats" usually include deep topics like "what does the duck say?" and "can you say 'Grandma?'" at this point, but that is always my sign to slow down. It's her way of reminding me that these days with her are too precious to squander with meaningless busyness.

I think this is why I have fallen in love with photography. I don't trust my human mind to remember every single detail of these wonderful years when our children are close. I don't want to forget a single instant of this blessed life that we've been given. Even when times are hard, and we're feeling stressed, there is beauty to be seen and moments worth capturing. I don't want to take it too far and only ever view life through a viewfinder, but I do want to honor this season in our life by preserving it.

So, I want to invite you all to join me today and all this week in slowing down just a bit and, before we rush off to the next thing, let's pause and take a moment to remember the highlights. Let's look around us, from the counter full of dirty dishes to the mountain of laundry that's needed folding for a few days now, and, in Mary-like fashion, engrave them on our hearts so that they can stay there, safely cherished always. 


If I were to begin a regular sharing of highlights in photo form on the blog, would that interest any of you? How often would you like to see such a thing? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Let me know in the comments!

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