Senses of Humor and Mysterious Ways

There are a lot of things about this world that I don't know, but two things of which I'm entirely sure are that God works in mysterious ways, and He has a sense of humor.

You may remember my plans from a year ago to become a post-partum doula. That was the dream for the last year and a half. I was blogging whenever an idea struck, but it was fairly sparse around here because I was concentrating on being a momma to Sweet A and on completing my doula training. And things were going pretty well with that, too, until the time came to work in some client contact hours. So complete and rapid was the sudden standstill that I'm pretty sure I heard the squealing of brakes. I tried everything I could think of: blog posts and Facebook groups, business cards left all over town, recommendations from my midwife, offering free hours to everyone I knew with a baby, and more, but, somehow, none of it worked. I didn't get it! There are a number of successful doulas in my area; why wasn't anything working for me? But still I soldiered on, thinking that something would eventually work, and my business would start booming.

And then my daughter started walking at 9 months. I had always thought I'd just take her with me to clients' homes (as long as they were ok with it) and wear her in the front pack while I ministered to their needs. The whole point of my quitting my job as a nurse was so that I could stay home with A. It seemed counterproductive to that to leave her with a babysitter (even though we love A's main babysitter!) as often as I was hoping to have clients, but how I was going to take my busy, walking almost-toddler to a new mom's house and give that mom the attention she needed and deserved? My post-partum doula plan started to crumble.

The final blow to the doula dream came in early February when, much to my great surprise, a second little pink line showed up on a certain test. Two tests later, and we were convinced: Babe #2 would be making us a family of four in just a few months. How would it be fair to A to leave her with a babysitter while taking her little sibling to a client's house? It just didn't seem right or even worth it, for that matter. So, I let the doula dream die and focused my dreams on being a momma of two sweet little ones.

Me sporting an 18-week bump....about 10 weeks ago.

And we are beyond excited to welcome our new little guy or gal into our family! We've always said that we want a big family, so, even though this timing wasn't our original plan, we have fully embraced this new little one and can't wait to meet him or her this fall! 

Sweet A helped make the announcement to our families

But, through my previously sporadic blogging, I have been reminded of how much I love writing. And in developing this blog I've begun to dream a new dream. One that involves writing and being published on other blogs and growing this blog and finally learning photography. And, while I'm busy with the writing and the photo-taking/editing, and though I feel a little goofy every time I drag something into the yard to take a picture of it in the good light, I am loving where life is taking us! And, do you want to know the crazy thing? After just a month, we're already seeing more success than we saw in the year and a half that I was pursuing the doula dream! I was just published on Her View From Home, and my post went live yesterday. If it does well over the next 30 days, not only will there be the potential to become a regular contributor, but I'll be paid for my writing! So, please, if you're reading this and haven't checked out my post on HVFH, check it out here. Comment on it. Like it. Share it. All of the above. Seriously, I can't tell you how much it would mean to me. And, while you're there, read some of the others' articles; they're in the same boat.

A year ago, I thought I would be running around town as a postpartum doula. Instead, we're being blessed with a second sweet baby, and I'm living my writing dream. The dream that I was afraid to dream a year ago is coming true so naturally. The dream that I thought was the more impossible of all my dreams is unfolding in the most amazing way. I can only sit back and marvel at it all (and write about it, of course). To say that I'm surprised doesn't even begin to cover it. But, you know who isn't surprised? The One who put these dreams in my heart. He knew when this baby would be joining our family, and He knew that this is the time for this dream, this lifestyle blogger/photographer dream. I can hardly believe it, but I'm so excited to live it.

What I hope will be the only mirror-selfie to ever appear on this blog.

Maybe one day I'll try the doula thing again. Or maybe I learned all of that information because it's what I needed to know for another project Husband and I just began (I'll fill you all in on that very, very soon--promise!!). We'll see what happens. But, for now, you'll find me here at As Told By Amy, snuggling my babies, savoring all of the wonderful memories to be made during this sweet time in life, and documenting it here through word and photo. And, if all goes well, I hope you'll be seeing a lot more of me at Her View From Home, too.

So, tell me. What are your dreams? What are you afraid to dream?

And, to any photographers who may read this, describe to me a DIY set-up for making a spot in my house with good photo-friendly lighting. Hauling plates of food out into the yard to photograph them is probably starting to make the neighbors wonder.... ;)