California Dreamin' Part 2

After having just a small taste of San Francisco on day one we were more than ready to see what else this city had to offer on day two. We only loosely planned our day, and our plans changed enough times that I honestly couldn't even tell you what our original plan for the day was. We knew that we wanted to go to Fisherman's Warf and show A the seals at Pier 39. Husband really wanted to see Lombard St, so we knew we'd head that way at some point, too. Besides that, we talked about a number of other possibilities, some of which worked out while others were tossed.

Trolly riding

Our day started early. Our best efforts to acclimate Little A to the time change were evidently in vain as she woke off and on from about 4 until 5:45, at which point she decided it was time to be up and at 'em. We didn't have a whole lot of options at that point, so we bummed around our hotel room and took our time dressing and readying ourselves for the day. Breakfast time finally rolled around at 7, and, after a delicious breakfast at our hotel, we loaded up and took our first taste of San Francisco public transportation in the form of a train ride into the city.

We found a Starbucks in the city and took a trolly ride to Fisherman's Warf and Pier 39. A thought the seals were pretty strange animals and was utterly fascinated. We discussed taking a ferry across the Bay to try exploring some redwoods but decided that the wind was chilly enough that we wouldn't do that. After enjoying the views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz and watching the seals for a bit we decided it was time to get A out of the elements and find some lunch. Everyone we asked said that pretty much anything in Fisherman's Warf would be delicious, so we randomly picked a place that had an indoor sit-down area and bathrooms with changing tables. Alioto's did not disappoint, though if we were to do it again I would probably vote for buying lunch from one of the stands on the street and finding a nice sunny spot to sit and eat it. Nevertheless, it was really nice to have a clean bathroom since public restrooms are virtually nonexistent in San Fran.


Bundled up baby

After lunch, we talked about catching a bus across the Bridge (to go see the redwoods, of course), but we were distracted by Ghiradelli Square and free chocolate samples on our way to the bus stop, so, again, that never happened. But that milk chocolate caramel square was delicious!! About this time, Little A fell asleep in her stroller, so we decided to capitalize on the nap and walk over to see Lombard Street. This place was crazy! I knew it was the most crooked street in the world, but I somehow wasn't expecting it to be the big tourist destination that it was. They had to have police directing traffic, and, between the crowd of people standing in the road to take pictures and the endless line of cars waiting to drive it, they had their hands full! I felt bad for the drivers until I realized that they were most likely tourists, too. Then I didn't feel so bad and joined the picture-taking crowd in the middle of the road.

Husband decided that he wanted to climb the steps to the top of Lombard Street, so we did that and then started looking for a place where we could buy something cold, wet, and refreshing. Little A woke up sometime around here and enjoyed her share of our treat!

At this point, we made one last attempt to catch a bus across the bridge (I really wanted to see the redwoods!), but we arrived at the bus stop about 2 minutes late, and the next bus wasn't scheduled to come for another hour. So, we put that dream on the "next time" list and decided to go to a park to let A run around and stretch her legs before heading back to the hotel to find some supper. The first park we came to was the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park which, conveniently enough, had a public beach! I didn't pack beach clothes for A, but I did have an entire extra outfit packed, so we let her play in the sand and the water to her heart's content. By the end, she was a wet, sandy mess, but she had the best time. Husband mentioned leaving to her at one point, and she let him know in no uncertain terms just how she felt about that idea!

Fearless :)

There isn't much in this world that's cuter than baby toes :)

But the time to leave did, in fact, come, and we caught a bus (with a very grumpy, yelling lady in the seat behind and across the aisle from us) and then the train and made it back to our hotel. It was such a fun day; I think we all agree that San Francisco is a pretty cool place. We're already looking forward to coming back sometime to explore a little more.

To-Do Next time:

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge
Find some redwoods
Explore Golden Gate Park
Drive down Lombard Street
Visit Boudin Bakery for some homemade sourdough treats