I Used to Star-Gaze

I realized something today: we used to take the time to look at the stars. I used to take the time to look at the stars even if Husband couldn’t join me, but I don’t remember the last time I intentionally took a few moments to star-gaze. That could just be the mom-brain kicking in, but I really do think that it’s been awhile since we relaxed and watched the heavens.

One day I will take pictures like this. And one day I will go someplace with views of the night sky like this, and I will photograph them.

One of the items on my bucket list is to learn the constellations. I currently know the obvious ones: the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. In the fall/winter, I can spot Orion in a heartbeat. In fact, Orion is my favorite constellation. I’ve read that his appearance in the night sky used to signal the Native Americans that hunting season had arrived. Known as the archer, I also like to think of him as the guardian of the skies; it’s because of my love for the stars and this particular constellation that I love the name Archer for a boy. But beyond those three, I couldn’t find any other constellations if my life depended on upon it. I want to change that.

Then today this article came across my Facebook newsfeed, and I remembered my love for the night sky. The older I become the more I realize that life won’t slow down anytime soon, and, really, I’m okay with that. I like to be busy, and I’m one of those weirdos who thrives on change. But I want to arrive at the end of my days and be able to look back and remember all the beautiful moments that made up my life; I don’t want it to be a blur. So, tonight when my baby wakes in the wee small hours, I’m going to take a few moments to stop and admire God’s handiwork in the form of the Summer Solstice moon and some far-away twinkling stars. Maybe I’ll even wish on one. ;)

What is your version of “stopping to smell the roses”?

Do you know any books, programs, or apps that I can acquire to further me in my goal of knowing the constellations?

All photographs compliments of here.