Summer Treats Line-up Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I began a summer "series" sharing some of our favorite warm-weather treats. I have several more popsicle recipes to share plus a few other goodies, but we'll come back to that soon. Today, I want to share my new obsession: cold-brew iced coffee.

Every day for about two hours, Sweet A naps; if we've had a rough night the night before, I usually take this time to nap, as well. But most days I use this time to do a daily devotional, work on some writing/photography projects, and catch up on [quiet] housework. Lately, I've also enjoyed my daily iced coffee during this time. I hope you can find room in your schedule to try this out, and I really hope that you come to love it as much as I do!

Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

What you need for the cold-brew:

1 cup of your favorite coffee beans, coarsely ground (these are my favorite)

4 cups filtered water (it doesn't have to be filtered, but you'll notice a positive difference if it is)

Pitcher or French press or mason jar or whatever container you have

What to do:

Put the water and grounds in your pitcher. Stir together. Cover. Place in the fridge for about 20 hours (I like strong coffee. If you don't like yours as strong, you could leave it for less time).

The Next Day: Making it delicious

When you're ready for your iced coffee treat, pull it out of the fridge, and give it another stir. This is where it's nice if you have it in a French press; you can just press it, and the grounds are out of your way with no hassle or headache and very little effort. If you used a jar or a pitcher, you're going to have to filter your coffee. I use a small, handheld fine-mesh sieve, and it works beautifully, but I've also read that you can use cheesecloth or a coffee filter.

Anyway, filter your coffee. I like mine with ice cubes (hint: if you freeze some coffee into ice cubes, you won't have to worry about the ice melting and watering down your coffee!), whole milk, and stevia. When I'm feeling fancy I make one of these homemade syrups (my favorite is the vanilla, but I'm going to try making a mint one some time, too) and use that to sweeten my coffee rather than stevia.

What? You don't stage your coffee in front of the prettiest flower on your property?

What are your favorite coffee hacks? Other than going to a coffee shop, of course, because...duh. :)