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Five Things for Monday

Amy LedyardComment

Sometimes Mondays are hard. I feel like they’re especially hard after really wonderful weekends because you just didn’t want the weekend to end. But, end they must and along comes Monday. That much is unchangeable. The part that is changeable, however, is our attitude towards Monday. Life is going to be as fun (or miserable) as you make it, and that goes for Mondays, too. So, in an attempt at starting this Monday off on a positive note, I’m going to share 5 things I’m really loving right now. Maybe you can find some joy in these things, too. :)

1 Picnics!! Yesterday ended up being a beautiful day even though the original weather reports I saw were calling for rain and cooler temperatures. After a solid week of rain it was especially nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine. So, we spontaneously packed a picnic, put the stroller in the car, and loaded up the family and had supper at a local greenway. It was the perfect end to a busy weekend and the perfect start to a new week. Lady A thought eating outside was pretty great. It didn’t hurt that our little animal-lover was able to see cows, horses, and dogs over the course of the evening. She had a blast running around, barking at the dogs, mooing at the cows, finding bugs to pick up, and even crossing her first swinging bridge. I think we’re going to make picnics a weekly event because it was just that good. In light of that fact, I have my eye on this picnic basket and this one.

2 Watermelon- You. Guys. I’m going to turn into a watermelon at this rate. And Lady A is right there with me! I tried to sneakily eat some watermelon in the kitchen last week, and she totally caught me. You should have seen her face! For a brief instant we switched roles; she was the disappointed mom, and I was the naughty toddler caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I won’t be doing that again. Also, what do you think of this shirt as an addition to my summer wardrobe?

3 Painted nails- I rarely paint my nails. At best, it happens twice a year, and that’s a truly generous estimate. I like having painted nails; I think they’re pretty, but I hate the smell of nail polish. So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this nail polish at Earth Fare recently, and it was on sale!! I picked up a bottle and have been loving having painted nails the last couple of weeks. Mind you, it still doesn’t smell good, but it’s a lot less noxious than regular nail polish. And the smell doesn’t linger like regular nail polish.

4 Summer plans- I’ve already discussed my love of seasons on this blog, but, this time of year, I just really love summer. In a couple of months I’ll be counting the days until fall weather finally arrives, but for right now this summer is shaping up to be one for the books, and I can’t wait! Between beach trips, trips to the mountains, a few days at camp with Husband’s family, a trip to San Francisco, and Creek Day with my family, we’re going to have an action-packed summer! It’ll be a little crazy and a lot good. :) With all of these adventures, I might just have to resurrect Travel Tuesday!

5) This inflatable pool- Lady A is fearless and busy, and she’d spend all her time outside if she could. We have lots of park play dates, take many walks, enjoy the local greenway every chance we get, and have lots of fun inspecting all of the flowers and plants in our yard. With the weather really heating up we made the [wise] decision to purchase a small, inflatable pool for our yard, and I’m so excited to spend lots of time outside in the sun swimming with my girl. She’s a little water bug, so I think she’ll be pretty thrilled, too. :)

Enjoy your week!!