Afton- 21 Months, Adia 2 Months

Time marches on and babies don't stop growing. My girls are no exception to this, and the last month has brought more growth, changes, and lessons learned. I thought I'd share another monthly update. I also would like to assure you all that I haven't forgotten my photo recaps; we've just been enjoying so many of our area's Christmas festivities that I'm saving it all up for one big Holiday post. So, stay tuned. :)

Afton at 21 Months

  • Does not walk but runs
  • When she's not running, she's dancing
  • Has an ever-growing repertoire of songs that she can sing all the way through; current favorites include "The Wheels on the Bus," "Daddy Finger," "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Happy Birthday," "5 Little Monkeys," and "Bah Bah Black Sheep."
  • Is utterly mesmerized by Christmas lights
  • Undecorates and re-decorates the Christmas tree many times each day
  • Rides her bike all over the place
  • Loves hats, socks, and boots
  • Inspects everything to figure out how it works
  • Is constantly amazing us with her brilliant imagination; it's so fun to play pretend with her!
  • Is so unbelievably loved.

Adia at 2 Months

  • Dazzles us with her smile
  • Has let us hear a few precious giggles
  • Is utterly mesmerized by Christmas lights
  • Loves watching her big sister and always rewards Sister's antics with a smile and a giggle
  • Loves tummy time
  • Would spend all day in the Ergo if allowed
  • Has a hearty appetite and is really packing on the pounds
  • Still has a head-full of dark hair
  • May be our brown-eyed girl...time will tell!
  • Is so unbelievably loved.

And a bonus of one of the girls' Christmas sister pictures complete with matching jammies. :)