2016-- A Year In Review

This was a good year. A great year. It had its twists and turns, but there has been so much blessing in each step. We started the year off by setting a few goals. Many of them were met; a few were tossed by February when we found out that we were expecting Adia. I'll review those and share our goals for 2017 in a few days; for now enjoy this photo journal of 2016.

This year began with Afton's first snow!! She loved sledding. She did not love mittens.

Then, this spring, we celebrated the return of nice weather by playing outside. A lot. A mama bird even hatched her babies in one of our hanging flower pots on the front porch! Afton loved checking on "her" baby "tweet-tweets" every day and simply did not understand it when they flew off with saying goodbye to her.

This Spring, our sweet Afton turned one, and we celebrated with a big party at the park and by announcing that our family was growing yet again (it's hard to see in the pictures, but that little shirt she's unwrapping in the first two pictures says "I'm the BIG SISTER!"! Afton also learned that boxes make great toys!

This spring also found us at the strawberry patch to pick berries and visit all the animals, going for walks to look for ducks (quack-quacks) at the lake, and honing our toddler art skills.

Not too long after discovering our love for strawberries, we took our first family trip that involved flying since Afton's arrival. We looooved San Francisco and are looking forward to our next visit to the West Coast. You can see recaps of that trip here, here, and here.

This summer we checked out all the local splash parks and even a few that weren't so local when we visited the city for July 4th..

Later this summer, we visited the mountains for Creek Day with my family and a weekend at a long-time favorite spot: Highland Retreat for Kyle's family reunion.

I photographed one of my first events: a baby shower!

Afton's Papa built her a special stool for helping me in the kitchen. She's loved cooking ever since! We also went on lots of evening walks this summer as it was a record-breakingly hot season, and the only time this preggo lady could stand to be outside was during the 30 minutes before sunset. Afton also had her first ever boat ride!

And then we went to the beach where we were held in constant amazement by our fearless daughter. She loved chasing the birdies and jumping in the waves...and keeping her momma in constant terror over how she would go from quietly playing in the sand to running as fast as her chubby legs would carry her right into the water without the slightest warning or hesitation!

While we were at the beach, we ordered my first DSLR! It arrived at our doorstep about an hour after we returned home from the beach, and I have been using it to take pictures of everything that holds still...and a lot of things that don't!

September involved lots of counting down to Baby's arrival! We visited both sets of grandparents, attended a going away party for our beloved Auntie Gaga who moved to Zambia, went to parks, cooked in the kitchen, and went on walks in my best efforts to induce labor.

In September, we also went apple picking!

At long last, Adia was born.

We celebrated one month with her and 20 with Afton.

And, at last, we celebrated 2 months with Adia and Christmas.

What were some highlights from your year? Let me know!