Our Home- A Tour

I thought about sharing a picture tour of our home quite a while ago but decided against it because we have only redone 2 rooms in our house, and I already shared one of those rooms here. But then I thought that sharing the befores all in one post would be fun because, as we re-do rooms (we're hoping to knock out 2 or 3 more over the winter), I can share the after pictures, and you'll have something to compare it to!

So, with that being said, welcome to our home (seriously; if you haven't visited and feel like maybe you should've done that by now...you're probably right!). :)

Our kitchen has been partially upgraded in that all of our kitchen appliances died over the span of about 3 months, so we replaced them with stainless. But, I'm hoping to paint the walls a pale, cheery yellow above the chair rail (which you'll see more clearly in the coming pictures of the dining room) with a nice, light, neutral gray below the chair rail. The wallpaper border will be removed. The cabinets will be painted white, and the cabinet hardware will be upgraded to something brushed nickel. Eventually we'll also put in tile floors, new countertops (possibly concrete? maybe quartz? perhaps granite? this remains to be determined), and, hopefully, the addition of a window above the stove. :)

The dining room will be painted with the same colors as the kitchen, and, one day, we'll upgrade the hardwood floors to a darker wood.

The living room will be painted the same shade of gray as the kitchen and dining room will have below the chair rail, and that wall behind the couch will be an emerald green accent wall. We are also going to put three large canvas prints on that wall: one of each of the girls' newborn pictures and a family picture. The wall of which you can see just a small part on the far right of the bottom picture has a small but growing "places we've been" gallery. We will continue the dark hardwoods into this room from the dining room (and, yes, I know that dark hardwoods show dirt, but, if there's dirt, I'd rather remove it than hide it, so I'm really okay with dark floors!)

This is the girls'/guest bathroom, and it is one of the two rooms we've redone. I love the gray walls and espresso sink and medicine cabinet with the bright pops of color in the shower curtain and towels.

This is our guest room. It will be painted either blue or a nice creamy white (or maybe white with a blue accent wall?) to match that perfectly gorgeous quilt which was made by Husband's lovely Grandma L and given to us for our wedding, and the wallpaper border will be disappeared.

And that's it, folks! That's our home! There are things we plan to change and things we would've done differently had we built the place, but we love it and are having so much fun making it our own! (Not pictured is the master bed and bath because a certain 1 year old was making messes in there faster than I could clean, so I eventually waved the white flag of resignation known to all moms of toddlers and decided to leave it out. I'll do a special before and after post of it whenever we update the master suite to make up for this glaring omission.) :)