Afton- 20 months; Adia- 1 Month

Our baby girl turned 1 month old this weekend, and I took some precious photos of her to document the occasion. Her big sister turned 20 months old just a few days before, and I have a few pictures of her to share, too. She's a lot harder to photograph, though; my girl just doesn't hold still!!

Adia at One Month:

  • Looooves to cuddle
  • Sleeps 6 hours and then wants to eat nearly every hour the rest of the day
  • Is closing in on the 9 pound mark and is almost 21 inches long
  • Still wears newborn clothes
  • Loves to smile, especially at silly faces and when Daddy talks to her in a funny voice
  • Lifts her head up quite easily
  • Enjoys tummy time but usually falls asleep if we let her
  • Would spend all day in the Ergo
  • Is a sweet, sweet little girl who is oh so very loved

Afton at Twenty Months

  • Loooooves to cuddle
  • Gives Adia hugs and kisses all the live-long day
  • Can say hundreds of words
  • Speaks in phrases
  • Tries to count and say the ABCs and can even recognize a handful of letters and tell you the sound they make
  • Adores animals and all things farm-related
  • Helps Mommy in the kitchen
  • Has tons of fun raking and jumping in the leaves and riding the "big bike" with Daddy
  • Would spend all day outside
  • Is a sweet, sweet little girl who is oh so very loved

That last one of Afton is the look she gave me when I asked if I can take more pictures of her; it was followed by a decisive, "No!" Thus ended the photo shoot. Haha.