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Adia- the Story

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Adia- the Story

I said that I wasn't going to share Adia's full birth story here, and that is still the plan. I will, however, share a few highlights. There were a lot of priceless moments in the final hours of waiting to meet our girl, and I'm excited to share a few of them with you now. :)

When we realized I was [finally] in labor

I had several days where I had regular contractions that lasted 12-24 hours and then just fizzled out. This was so frustrating, so it was a really great moment when we were finally able to say, "Yep! This is it!"


We were blessed with an incredible pair of midwives, and, even though Adia's labor was much harder than Afton's, there were still a lot of moments that could only be described as fun. For example, we didn't find out gender ahead of time, but I was assuming Adia was a boy. Throughout labor, I kept referring in my head to our baby by the boy name we had picked, so, when labor seemed to just drag on and on, we had to joke that it must be a girl in there who was refusing to hurry on out because she was offended. Since we have another sweet girl, maybe that wasn't too far from the truth!

Final only-child cuddles with Afton

Husband's mom came to be with Afton while I was in labor, but she didn't arrive until just before Afton woke up from her nap. That meant I was able to rock her to sleep for her nap and just enjoy the final few hours of being a family of three. As impatient as I was to meet Baby #2, I am so thankful for every second I had to focus on Afton.

Hearing her voice for the first time

As I mentioned above, I was assuming that Adia would be a boy, but the first time I heard her voice I knew, without even checking, that this tiny pink baby I'd just been handed was another daughter; she sounded just like her sister, and we fell in love instantly.

Naming her

We had a boy name picked and ready; we did not have a girl name picked. We had a list of names that we liked, but we never could settle on one ahead of time. We didn't name her until the next day, but it was such a special moment. Adia is a Swahili name meaning "Gift," and it suits her so beautifully.

Introducing her to Big Sister

Afton loves babies, so I was super excited for her to meet her baby sister. It was everything I had hoped it would be. She rained kisses onto Adia's face and repeated, "Hi Baby! I love you!" over and over; it was a truly sweet moment.


Adia-girl, welcome. We are so glad you're here. You are the perfect addition to our family. We won't do everything perfectly, but we will do our best. We will love you the best we can. We will apologize when we screw up. We will extend and ask for grace. We will thank God for you every single day. You are so loved.