A Snow Day in the Life

I have a deep hatred for these ugly plants. We've tried our level best to get rid of them, and yet still they thrive. At least the snow makes them a little less ugly.

As I'm sure most of the country is aware, "Snowmageddon" hit much of the east coast this weekend. While our area was not blessed (not sarcasm) with feet of snow, we did get an inch or two with maybe a half inch of ice. Ours is one family that would have LOVED a ton of snow, but we try to make the most of everything we're given, and our little dusting is no exception. Enjoy a recap of our snow day (so far).

A couple of years ago a very sweet friend of mine taught me how to make bagels. You guys! If you have never eaten a perfectly fresh bagel moments after it comes out of the oven, you are missing out. It does require some time and planning ahead as once you've made the dough, allowed it to rise, and then formed it into bagels, you must allow the baby bagels to sit in the fridge overnight. Then, on baking day, you have to allow the adolescent bagels to "proof" at room temperature for 60-90 minutes. Then, you have boil them on each side for about a minute, after which you bake them. Then, finally, they are ready to eat. But man, are they good! Absolutely worth every ounce of effort! And so much better than anything you could ever buy. Fresh bagels are one of our favorite breakfast treats, and snow is always inspiring to me which means that I made bagels last night/this morning.

Freshly risen bagel dough.

Tucked in and ready for the night :)

The finished product. Our favorite way to enjoy these at breakfast is to brush them with melted butter as soon as they come out of the oven and then give them a generous dusting of cinnamon-coconut sugar. They're even better than they look.

After enjoying our fresh homemade bagels, we all bundled up and did a little sledding. Lady A apparently loves the snow, and she had so much fun being pulled around the yard in her baby toboggan. She even braved a few [very slow] runs down the hill on the big sled with Momma and Dada, a huge grin spread across her face the whole time. :) The only cloudy spot in her morning was the fact that we made her wear mittens. She kept trying to pull them off, the little silly bean. :D

Don't be fooled by her apparent lack of enthusiasm; she really did love it!

Hold on to your hat!

Now Lady A is napping, and I'm drinking the cup of coffee I never finished this morning. :P

How did you spend your snow day?