Doodles and my Coffee Nook

I mentioned in my 2016 post that taking time to be creative is important to my sanity, but I haven't posted much about what I enjoy creating. I thought I'd remedy that today.

I love words. This [obviously] includes writing, but it also includes design. I love arranging words on a page with colors and doodles so that they become art. If you were to ask me to sit down and paint a masterpiece, you'd most definitely be disappointed by the results. If, however, you gave me some markers or colored pencils and a sketch pad and just let me be creative, chances are much higher that I'd actually turn out something worth looking at. :) Lately I've designed some things for Lady A's nursery as well as turned a corner of our dining room into a coffee bar. We still plan to paint the dining room, but this small alteration makes me love it more as it is, thus extending my patience towards it. :)

A friend of ours had a similar sign displayed at her daughter's first birthday party recently. I loved it then and decided that I wanted to make one for Lady A. Here it is!

I was thinking the other night while up with baby about how people go through hard times. It's inevitable. But so is this promise from Jesus Himself. He has overcome the World: the hard things and the joy-filled things. :)

I decided the other day that I wanted to create a coffee bar in our dining room which naturally required some art. This and the print that's pictured below seemed like good morning words. :)

And, the coffee bar, in all its glory. :)