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Overwhelmed Revisited

Amy LedyardComment

A number of weeks ago I announced our baby's impending arrival in a post about how overwhelmed with gratitude we were, so, since our baby has now arrived and spent two whole weeks on the outside, now seems like a good time to revisit that post.

I felt overwhelmed by all the love we were shown when I wrote that post, but I now know that that was only the beginning. Now that our sweet girl is here the overwhelmed sensation has been taken to a whole new level.

First and foremost, Husband and I are both absolutely overwhelmed with how much we adore this tiny human. She is beautiful, truly the most beautiful baby we've ever seen, and, considering the vast amount of time we've spent just staring at her, I'm going to go ahead and say that we know what we're talking about here. I'm amazed every day when I wake up to discover that I love her even more than I did the day, even the hour, before, though I guess I shouldn't be so suprised about that; haven't I marveled over the same Love Phenomenon every day since I married Husband? Just when you think you couldn't possibly love someone any more you wake up and find that you miraculously just do.

We're also overwhelmed by the people who have been pouring out love and care on us. Husband's parents, my parents, my grandma, my aunt, various siblings, and our wonderful church family have all come to visit, admire our baby, cook meals, and clean our house. There aren't enough thank you cards in the world to express our gratitude, but I'm doing my best to write them anyway (so if you're still waiting on a thank you card from us, please know that it's coming...eventually :) )

I guess I'm supposed to be overwhelmed by the vast responsibility we now have in raising this little daughter of ours, and, though I do feel the weight and importance of raising her well, I'm [mostly] not overwhelmed by that for two good reasons: 1) the God who created her is the same One who guides us, and He won't lead us astray 2) Husband and I are in this together. So, instead I think I'm overwhelmed by the realization of how fleeting each stage of her life is and the consequential need to just enjoy each and every second with her. She's only an infant for 365 days, and we're already 16 days into that! I want to remember every second and make the most of every second so that, when the time comes to move into the toddler stage, we can move into it with no regrets, only the sweet reassurance that we made the most of our sweet baby's Bab!y Year.

I'm overwhelmed by how sweet she is! Every yawn, every facial expression, every gas-induced smile, every reflexive gripping of my fingers and hands are just further proof that she is sweet! As my grandmother put it, "She is just a little package of pure sugar!" And we are utterly smitten!

Last but not least I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God that our girl is here, safe, and healthy. When we went for her two week weight check earlier this week, I couldn't lay her down on the scale without first giving her a quick kiss. I didn't even think about it; I just dropped a quick kiss on her forehead on the way to the scale. Our midwife commented on that little peck, and I just kind of smiled at the moment, but, in thinking about it later, I realized why I just have to kiss her all the time. I waited 40 weeks and 1 day to kiss her sweet face, dreaming of the day she'd finally arrive so that I could meet her and hold her and kiss her and know whether the little baby growing in my womb was a son or a daughter; now that she's finally here, I haven't even come close to making up for lost time!! Our girl has lots more kisses and hugs coming her way, and I am overwhelmed with thankfulness that I get to be one of the main ones giving those hugs and kisses!

So, to all of you who have put up with my sappy Momma thoughts and actually read this to the end, I pray that there will be something overwhelming in your day that makes you stop and say, "Wow! I'm so overwhelmingly happy that this happened."

And, if you're in a place where you feel like you've been waiting for your overwhelming blessings, and they're just not coming, I pray that your wait will soon be over and that you will be able to find blessings in the every day between now and then.