~Today I am beyond proud and excited to introduce my first ever "guest" writer to the blog! He has great ideas, inspires me in a million ways, and is my hero, my best friend, the greatest man I know...he's my husband, and he's here to give you some tips that are sure to improve your life. Welcome Kyle!


It's a beautiful spring day, perfect weather, just the right amount of sunshine, the problem is you are stuck behind a desk and it's a Friday. How can one remedy this situation you ask? How can you redeem what might be lost? ... Queue the spontaneity and ditch spring cleaning for the ONE NIGHT GETAWAY.

Ever since getting married Amy and I have constantly looked for opportunities to get away just the two of us. Sometimes with other responsibilities we aren't yet able to travel just whenever we want to, so we try to bundle it in with trips to family and work trips but once in a while we just need to get out of town and we only have one night to do so.

Here are a few tips for anyone looking to do this:

  • Stay within a few hours of your home. You don't want to spend the whole time driving but you have to get far enough away that you can leave those worries behind for 36 hours. (and TURN OFF THE CELL PHONE!)
  • Find a great place to stay for cheap. We have used hotels.com and other services to find deals. If you have points at a hotel that could be your ticket.
  • Make the point of getting away to spend time together. There are things to do where ever you go so don't worry about those so much as how you can spend time with the person you love.

If I have lost you or you think it's not doable here is an example of a trip Amy and I took. (including budget)

Goal: Go to the highest mountain on the east coast, Mt. Mitchell in NC, then spend some time in Asheville, which is not far from there. 

Here is the itinerary:


  • Drive to Mt. Mitchell early Saturday morning
  • Park at the Rangers station and hike up to the summit.
  • Eat a packed lunch
  • Check in at the campground
  • Setup Camp ,relax around the fire and cook dinner over the fire.


  • Cook breakfast over the fire
  • Pack up camp
  • Drive into Asheville and explore downtown
  • Get crepes for lunch
  • Check out the shops and stores
  • Grab a great cup of coffee
  • Head for home


  • Gas $40
  • Campsite $40
  • Food $20
  • Crepes $20
  • Coffee $4
  • Poison Ivy scrub $8

Total trip cost: $132

If you can really count gas, food and coffee as budget items since you would have bought those anyway...

Basically, it's cheap and totally doable. Some friends of mine know of free places to camp in the mountains if camping is your thing. If not there are too many hotel rewards programs not to do it.

"Vacation" doesn't have to be a huge ordeal or mean a week away. 48 hours with your cell phone turned off may be just what you need.