Amy Ledyard2 Comments


Amy Ledyard2 Comments

I am overwhelmed...but in the best possible way. Husband and I learned some really exciting news early this past summer: our little family of two will become a sightly larger family of three come March! We are thrilled and scared and uncertain and excited and delighted and a million other things that I think every soon-to-be parent feels. I can't believe we're having a baby! A little, tiny Ledyard. So crazy! We're not finding out gender, so we're super excited to discover whether Little Ledyard will be a son or a daughter. Will she look like me? Or will he look like Kyle? Will he be a snuggler, or will she be an independent, "I can do it myself" baby from early on? Blue eyes like my mom and Husband's mom? Green eyes like my dad and myself? Or brown eyes like Husband and his dad? So many questions that only time will tell! I'm just over 32 weeks pregnant, so Birth Day is right around the corner. But that's not why I'm overwhelmed.

At least, not directly. I'm not even overwhelmed (yet) by the idea of labor and actually bringing this child into the world. Didn't God create me knowing that I would one day be this child's mother? So, in light of that fact, I feel like I'm also created to bring him/her into the world (regardless of any specifics as to how) which should make me pretty well-qualified. Plus, Husband will be with me the whole time, and I'm still enough of a newly-wed to have a hard time fearing much of anything with him by my side.

No, as overwhelming as that may become closer to Birth Day in March, today I'm overwhelmed by all the love that has been shown to this yet-unknown little Ledyard. From how diligently Husband has been working to make a perfect little nursery to baby showers where we've been absolutely flooded with love, support, and well-wishes to friends and family promising meals and telling us that they've already told their bosses/cleared their schedules so they can come at a moment's notice to meet our sweet baby and help us through those first few days and weeks when we're trying out our parenting legs for the first time. I know it's going to be hard and different from anything we've ever done, but I also know that that's how it felt during our engagement. And marriage has turned out to be all of those things but also the very best thing I've ever done. I love Husband more today than I ever have before; he's the best of the best.

There may be hard, sleepless times ahead, but God has blessed us with a strong marriage, an amazing family, and a lot of wonderful friends who have become family. And we are beyond thrilled to be growing our family and to love our Littles and to see what God will teach us and use us to teach others through this time.

So, to everyone who has poured out the Love of God on us throughout this pregnancy, Thank you. A million times, thank you! Words will never express how much you each mean to us and how grateful we are for your love and friendship. Thank you; thank you; thank you!