This morning I walked out onto my porch to see what the temperature out was like. Doing this each morning still feels a little strange. You see, I grew up in a house where the radio was turned on during breakfast to hear the weather report for the next few days and then immediately turned off when the weather report was done. I'm pretty sure my dad would actually turn down the volume to avoid hearing any music until the weather report began and then click! off. No more radio. No songs. No music. Now I hardly remember to check the weather. We went camping about a month ago, and I didn't even remember to check the weather before that. Had I done so, I would've noticed that there was a high likelihood of rain over the course of our camping trip. We would've packed our tarp. But I forgot to check the weather. We did not pack a tarp. We slept in wet sleeping bags in our leaky tent that weekend.

Anyway, I digress. This morning I stepped out the front door to check the weather. And it was gorgeous. Crisp, cool air that felt a lot more like September in the mountains than August in the Carolinas. There was a distinctive lack of humidity; the sun was just beginning to peak through the trees in front of our house; there was a gentle breeze. I love mornings like this: mornings that make you take a deep breath and know that life is good. Mornings where my appetite turns to lentil stew and chili rather than grilled chicken and burgers.

I've always said that my favorite season is the one that's here, but I still usually find myself ready for the next one the closer we come to the end of the current season. I know this Carolina summer isn't even close to being over, but that doesn't mean that my anticipation for fall is diminished at all. I will still love every last warm, sunshiny drop of this summer, but the promise of fall will also give me a thrill of excitement. I am so excited for the rapidly-approaching day when we'll wake up and realize that fall has sneaked up on us again and is really here.

I know that Anne of Green Gables is too-frequently quoted for saying, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." I agree with her whole-heartedly because, while in the south fall doesn't really show its full splendor until November, October is still the official herald of fall to me. I do think I'd probably re-word Anne's quote to say, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are seasons." And not just the physical seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter. I also mean just life seasons.

We all lament aging in some way or another, and I guess I'm guilty of that, too. But, if I were still 16, I would still be living in Halifax, commuting over an hour to high school, having not seen what life is like in other countries and other cultures. I wouldn't know half of the people I am so blessed to know and call friend right now. I wouldn't be married to the best man I know. It's like I was a different person then!

College was fun, but if I were still in that season of life, I would be missing out on all of the wonderful things that are happening now, in this season. It's so exciting to think that, as wonderful as life is now, it could be even more wonderful a year or five from now. I'm not impatient to move on from this life season; I'm so happy where God has me right now. I'm also so happy that even if hard things happen, God will still be good. God will still be here, directing our steps through each season. And that has the power to make whatever season wonderful in the long run.

Husband and I just came through a really hard winter; not in our marriage, but just in life. And with this summer new hope has sprung. I don't really have a moral to this story. And I'm not going to quote Jeremiah 29:11, either. Instead I'll give you Zechariah 4:10 to chew on:

10 Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.”

Do not despise small beginnings. Through whatever season you may be walking right now, do not despise it. Likewise, do not despise whatever future season you're fearing. God is there, too.